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Why Need Nutritionist?

Step into an amazing journey of dieting that has no restrictions. Yes, I ask you to eat guilt-free. Always try to track nutrition not calories.  Number of problems and chronic diseases are corrected by Nutrition Only. Your Kitchen’s food has enough potential to get you in shape and enjoy your life.

Are you a travelling professional, pregnant or lactating mother, busy person having no proper fixed meal times or reaching 40 ?

So, Start your health journey today with the guidance of best nutritionists in Delhi. Find me as One of the best dietitians in Delhi always at your service!

About Me

I am a certified dietitian. I have completed bachelors in Dietetics and Applied nutrition. Got training in max hospital and also in Azzurra Pharmaconutrition company of Faridabad.

Even now with my practicing, I am studying further. Pursuing Masters in Food and Nutrition. I have achieved 100% results for weight loss patients .

What I Offer For Good Health?

I would love to help you in achieving your fitness goals !!

Weight Gain

WEIGHT GAIN DIET With Delicious Recipes

Weight Loss

WEIGHT LOSS With Delicious Recipes

Skin Rejuvenation

SKIN REJUVENATING DIET Skin glow diet for bride & groom to be..

Special Diets for-

-Growing kids
-6 months babies

What People Are Saying

Here are few of my Clients appreciating my work for them.

"It was such a great experience for me as I reduce 10Kg weight in 2 months although I also like your plan as my face also look so beautiful and glowing. Thank you for all this."
"It's been two months today, I have lost 14 kgs by taking diet."
Aaj 3 months ho gaye hain and main 16 kg weight loss hogya. Inches mein- 3 inch hip, 2 inch stomach, 1 inch breast... Thankyou mam, love you mam🥰❤️

Are you looking for a change ?

I am here to provide you an easy-to-digest guide to health and happiness from the inside out. Eat Healthy, Live Healthy

In the busy lives, many of us do not get time to look out the diets we are consuming daily. It leads to lethargies, over-weight, weakness, inefficient and stressed. I am transforming lives across the world with my 100% dedication and regular Monitoring..

Get your customized diet plan by me- 

Dietician Rupanshi Taneja

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